Wasps At Lunch, Warriors Stinging Wizards – It’s All Happening

While I was stuck at work on Wednesday trying to eat my lunch among a swarm of European wasps, the Warriors defeated the Washington Wizards 114-107 at the Verizon Center in Washington. It’s annoying enough to miss games due to work but we deal with this in Australia all the time. Games tend to start on the US east coast at about 11.00am our time, with the west coast games kicking off as late as 2.45pm. Generally, if I have the opportunity to flip the lid on the work iPad and watch some NBA action during lunch, I’ll do so and today the Warriors were scheduled for ‘ol Hendo to take an early lunch.

Having already kept an eye on my phone for updates from LetsGoWarriors and Warriorsworld on Twitter, (great Twitter accounts, follow!) I decided to grab that iPad and check out some second quarter action.

A chicken Caesar salad was on deck, along with a delicious bottle of orange juice. Sounds good right? Well, that’s what the wasps thought too.

I got to see maybe five game clock minutes of action before these little bastards started making their way to my plate of salad. First it was one and then he brought a mate along to join him. Before I could say “Kelenna Azubuike” I had nearly half a dozen of these repulsive arthropods circling around me, looking to put me to sleep with their arse daggers. (see image below)


(via funkyjunk.com)

Needless to say, I was unable to watch the game.

I bravely smacked a couple of wasps away with the iPad, rendering it completely unusable to watch basketball. No man alive could Mr Miyagi these little bastards while still actively viewing the screen. I was forced to pack up shop, pay for my lunch and retreat to my car where as always, work took over the rest of my day.

In lieu of watching the win, I have scraped the following nuggets of Warrior information from the Interwebz.

I hope you enjoy.

The Dubs took care of business behind 32 points from superstar Steph Curry, who by all accounts dominated the point guard matchup against John Wall. “Old Man Wheelchair”, Paul Pierce led the Wizards with 25 points, which honestly couldn’t have been the plan going in so that’s nice to see. Any time a senior citizen is leading the opposition in scoring, you know you’re a chance to win.

On to the next one, in Cleveland on Friday at 12 noon. I think I’ll hit the drive-thru that day and eat my lunch in the car.

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