Tim Duncan is also 37

Tim Duncan is also 37

When a 37 year-old player dominates an NBA Conference Final game with as much class and skill as Tim Duncan did in Game 3 vs. the Memphis Grizzlies, one has to wonder…

How is it possible?

It seems so unbelievable, that it made me wonder what other strange facts might surround the number 37. Here’s a list with love, from the Internet.

  • SPAM was invented in 1937
  • There have been 37 as-of-yet unidentified radio signals received from outer space
  • “Normal” human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius
  • William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in his lifetime
  • The human hand is moved by 37 skeletal muscles
  • The Hindenburg took 37 seconds to burn (coincidentally, in 1937)
  • 37 seconds elapsed between the sighting of the iceberg and its collision with the Titanic
  • Highway I-37 is located in Texas, and it stretches from Corpus Christi to San Antonio

And finally, Tim Duncan is still really good at basketball… at age 37.

Stats (hopefully factual) via Rock Talk.


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