The Most Exciting Utah Jazz Play In History…

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Having been an NBA fan for as long as I can remember, I have seen a number of different styles and seen many different teams compete. If there’s was one constant throughout the years for me though it has been a distinct dislike of the Utah Jazz.

Whether it was John Stockton’s unfashionably short shorts or the then seemingly “boring” pick and roll style of Stockton and Karl Malone, there was always that same feeling attached. I really disliked watching the Jazz play and I used to avoid them at all costs.

Over the years the players changed but the feeling remained the same… until last season.

Watching more and more of the Jazz in the second half of last season I became more and more interested in their plight and openly supported their run towards the playoffs. I liked their young, athletic players and their young Head Coach looking to make his way.

I liked the throwback to the team’s old colour scheme and I really liked the style in which these kids got up and down the floor.

Now, as this year’s NBA season is upon us I see the above video and the realisation sets in. Not only is this an incredible end-to-end play by Utah’s Jeremy Evans but in my current state of Jazz appreciation, it is in fact the greatest Utah Jazz play I have ever seen.

Having switched the channel at every opportunity in the past, this play has reminded me again of how exciting this team could be this season.

Let’s go Jazz!


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