Team Up Before The Beat Up – Steph And Dirk Shine

During the All Star Game, Steph Curry connected on this sweet alley-oop feed to Dirk Nowitzki and I jumped out of my seat.

Yes, I said Dirk Nowitzki.

Watch closely as New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony plays zero defense, (even for an All Star Game) while Steph zones in on his target.

A little move through the legs by Curry before Nowitzki flies to the hoop for the two-handed jam and then gives us arguably the greatest post-dunk celebration of the modern era. Well at least since February, 2000.

One of my favourites, Got ‘Em Coach summed it up best.


Enabled by the superstar from Oracle Arena, Nowitzki sure made the most of this opportunity and the Mavs/Warriors connection was nice, just this once. As long as Dirk and his Mavericks stay where they belong, behind the Warriors’ second half freight train to the post season, we’ll be cool.


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