Sweet Home Minnesota

Forget the lack of state income tax in Florida, the Hollywood scene in Los Angeles or the lure of Madison Square Garden in New York. It seems Minnesota is (finally) the hottest free agent destination in the NBA. Why you ask? Well it’s simple, silly!

Frequent flyer miles baby!

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be the most traveled team in the NBA next season. Finally there is a chance for the modestly paid NBA athlete to cash in some solid mileage. The plan is simple; drop everything and demand a trade to Minnesota, get your gold Frequent Flyer card ready, sit back and let the magic happen.

Oh, and as Tom Read of believethehypenba.com points out, the league has nut-punched the Lakers also by making them travel a lot more than their housemates.

Now is the time to pounce Minnesota.

No excuses!

Image via @EdKupfer


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