Super Dope Homeboys Drop The Hammer on Raptors

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MC Hammer made the city of Oakland famous for having “super dope homeboys” but the Golden State Warriors took it to a whole new level on Tuesday night in their 112-103 victory over the Toronto Raptors.

Trailing 36-19 after one period and at one stage by a massive 27 points in the third period, the Warriors stormed home in spectacular fashion, outscoring Toronto 42-15 in the final quarter to win the game.

For the Raptors it just went from bad to worse throughout the final 12 minutes as they forced shots, re-ran plays that clearly weren’t working and stranger still, made almost no personnel changes from the bench as the slaughter happened around them.

As explained by Sean Highkin from USASports, (along with some other epic facts) this was the biggest collapse in Toronto’s franchise history.

For Golden State, well they move to 11-8 on the season, dodge a dookie-stained bullet in the Raptors, lodge six double-figure scorers and pretty much know they can come back from almost any deficit to win a game. Not to mention doing it all without the services of Andre Iguodala.

A pretty nice Tuesday night by anyone’s standards.


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