Steph Curry Is Better Than Your Teammate

Have you ever had a teammate who simply tries to “do to much” when on the basketball court? I mean, when they could throw a standard chest pass, they choose to go around the back? Or a fast break lay up that should already be two points becomes an open court up-and-under reverse, just because? Perhaps instead of hitting an open shot that the team has worked hard for, they wait for the defense to arrive to they can hit the contested shot instead?

We’ve all seen it and for the Warriors that guy is Steph Curry. However, because he is Steph Curry, he’s totally allowed to do it and no one can deny that he completely owns it. Every. Damn. Time.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The NBA’s YouTube channel and Vine staff are juiced at the fact Curry does this as it adds to their library of highlight videos but let’s be real here. Curry didn’t need to fake the round-the-back pass, he could have simply made the left hand dish to Barnes for the same open look. Similarly with Exhibit B, the results far outweighed the requirement of the play.

But again, it’s Curry.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to let Steph be Steph on these plays but we’ve all played with guys like this and it’s infuriating.

“New rule; if you’re not Steph Curry, you can’t do this. If you are, then you can. Because Steph Curry is better than your teammates”. – Hendo.

Sleep easy, friends.


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