Steph Curry Reads Negative Scouting Report

Things are always fun to look back on and mock when they’re proven to be completely and utterly incorrect. Let’s face it, no one goes back to confirm prophetic statements on outside chance draft picks one day becoming All Stars. In this case however it’s no different with the old scouting report for one Mr Stephen Curry being resurrected in this commercial with none other than Steph himself reading his own retro review.

Of course all of the comments made sound ridiculous now, Here’s a little breakdown from Dime Magazine on where this commercial came from.

Curry, who joined the CoachUp leadership team earlier this year, has always been a big proponent of private coaching, which he credits with his own personal rise to superstardom in the NBA. In an awesome new CoachUp commercial released Tuesday, Curry reads verbatim from his 2009 scouting report which, among other things, said he didn’t have the size, the handle, or the athleticism to make it in the NBA.

As always, the champion/MVP always gets the last laugh.


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