Smoke ‘Em – December 6, 2012

Ryan and I are copping more losses than the Washington Wizards right now thanks to some crazy performances, both good and bad. For me, the Lakers choked in Houston, Brooklyn missed a buzzer-beating three to cover their line and Memphis, well they also let Phoenix hang around way too long before missing their line by one damn point.

As for Ryan, well I can’t sledge too hard when the Wizards got a win to screw his multi… against the Miami Heat. Who’d gamble? Brooklyn put up a great fight with key personnel missing and Memphis, well we covered those guys earlier.

With these losses, I move to -$5.90 for the month while Ryan sits on -$46.00. Time to turn this around.

Yesterday’s results

Ryan – $15.00 on for a loss. Balance = $244.00 shopparajumpers
Paul – $5.00 on for a loss. Balance = $294.10

Today’s Picks

Paul – Los Angeles Lakers (A) -4.5, San Antonio (H) 1-10 & New York (A) -7.5. (Multi odds = $9.29)

Putting faith in the Lakers right now is like asking a blind surgeon to circumcise you, but they need a win badly and I expect them to do so against the Pelicans. The New York Knicks really should make short work of the upstart Bobcats, especially with Jason Kidd and Ray Felton confirmed as playing. The Spurs vs. Bucks game is risky as Milwaukee are literally a game on/game off type of team, I just don’t see San Antonio dropping this one at home. It may even end up 11+ but something tells me it will be around six to eight points by the end.

Wager on this multi = $10.00

Ryan – San Antonio to beat Milwaukee 1-10, Utah to beat Orlando 11+ & LA Clippers to beat Dallas 11+. (Multi odds = $13.62)

San Antonio are all but locks at home, Utah are locks at home (plus the Magic are due to fall back to earth) and the Clippers have everything the Mavericks don’t and should have a field day. I’m going to be spending the day ritually slaughtering a goat and laying out entrails in a prayer to the gambling gods. I really need to get back on track here, I can’t let Paul win at this.

Wager on this multi = $15.00


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