Smoke ‘Em – December 5, 2012

The Los Angeles Clippers took long enough but finally got the job done within both mine and Ryan’s required thresholds, winning the first half of our respective multi’s.

All was going to plan for Ryan until the Milwaukee Bucks literally shit the bed in New Orleans. Maybe the team had a big night on Bourbon Street the night before? No one knows but one thing that is certain, the Bucks were a disgrace.

As for my fortunes, Golden State allowed Orlando to dominate them late and capture a second straight road victory in two nights. I’m not sure which part is worse, the fact I lost my multi or the fact people will praise and credit the Orlando Magic.

By both losing out again yesterday, I move to -$0.90 for the month while Ryan sits on -$31.00.

Yesterday’s results

Ryan – $25.00 on for a loss. Balance = $269.00

Paul – $10.00 on for a loss. Balance = $299.10

Today’s Picks

Paul – Memphis Grizzlies (H) -10.5, Brooklyn Nets (H) +3.5 & Los Angeles Lakers (A) to beat Houston by 1-10. (Multi odds = $9.58)

I need to get back on the winner’s list so I’m going for a small return… but a return nonetheless. When selecting these teams I look for bounce-back probability as well as sheer class of opponent. Phoenix looked awful against New York in their last game and I don’t suspect Memphis will be as forgiving in this match-up having just dropped an important game to the Spurs. The Lakers have done their best work this season when everyone’s crying for them, so I expect a close victory on the road. For what it’s worth, the Lakers best environment right now is OUTSIDE of LA. Finally, while I’m not 100% sold on Brooklyn yet, I think they’ve got enough juice (7-1 at home) to not get blown out by Oklahoma. Hopefully they can keep it close, or to make my day (and reduce the sweat) they can win by 30 if they choose.

Wager on this multi = $5.00

Ryan – Miami to beat Washington, Brooklyn to beat Oklahoma City 1-10 & Memphis to beat Phoenix 11+. (Multi odds = $8.00)

After a fantastic start I’m slumping down the charts fast. Today is the day to get back into the winners circle (classic gamblers delusion). Miami will win, the result is not in doubt, but they could blow Washington out early and cruise, or relax all game and just do what they need to win, so safe money is on a margin free victory. I keep going back to the Brooklyn well and finding it dry, but today could be the day. They aren’t terrible, OKC is overrated and they have no answer for Brook Lopez (currently playing out of his mind), who I believe should play even though he’s listed as day to day. Finally, Memphis are gonna lay a smack down on poor Phoenix. Of course, that’s the result I’m most sure of here, so that’s likely the one that will fail. 15 bucks on this combo today get’s me back in this damn competition, although it’s looking more and more like I should just buy my own damn cigar.

Wager on this multi = $15.00


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