Smoke ‘Em – December 4, 2012

New York’s JR Smith and Rasheed Wallace practically ‘screwed the pooch’ on yesterday’s multi for both of us. Smith shot 1-11 from the field and Wallace recorded an infamous “one trillion” by getting two early technicals and leaving early without registering a stat.

Everything was going to plan early as the New York Knicks took an early 24-6 lead. By quarter time it was cut to four however and while New York won comfortably, they somehow didn’t break the 11+ plane.

The turnover count was 17-7 and the foul count 23-13 both in favour of New York and they still only managed to win by seven. Go figure. *gambler’s pout*

Oh, and the Lakers SUCKED against Orlando.

By both losing out yesterday, I move to 2-2 on the year while Ryan continues his horrible form (harsh, I know considering we both failed) sitting on 1-3.

Yesterday’s results

Ryan – $5.00 on for a loss. Balance = $294.00

Paul – $5.00 on for a loss. Balance = $309.10

Today’s Picks

Paul – Golden State (H) to beat Orlando by 6-10 points & Los Angeles Clippers (A) to beat Utah by 1-5. (Multi odds = $20.85)
The Magic played very well last night to defeat the Lakers at Staples Center but I’m not sure they can back it up against the Warriors in Oakland. A back-to-back road double is always tough and I think a lot of physical and mental energy was spent on Dwight Howard revenge. As for the Clippers, I think they’re playing some of the best basketball in the league right now, when switched on. The odds are juicy thanks to Utah’s perfect home record but like they say, all streaks are there to be broken.

Wager on this multi = $10.00

Ryan – Los Angeles Clippers (A) to beat Utah outright & Milwaukee (A) to beat New Orleans by 1-10. (Multi odds = $4.43)
Well yesterday’s bets didn’t go to plan. Being beaten by Paul is more embarrassing than the Lakers losing to Orlando.
There aren’t many juicy games today for today’s slate but there are some relatively sure bets, with the Clippers almost certain to beat Utah and Milwaukee to hose New Orleans (by just a little bit though.)

Wager on this multi = $25.00

Current Standings

Ryan 1-3 (Balance = $269.00)
Paul 2-2 (Balance = $299.10)


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