Smoke ‘Em – December 3, 2012

Yesterday saw Ryan once again fail and seemingly over-estimate the Brooklyn Nets. In his defence, nearly everyone on the planet thinks Brooklyn are better than they really are. It’s nice to hang out with such an “average” bloke. Meanwhile, my pick of the LA Clippers by 11+ was the easiest tip you’ll find this season and paying only $2.00 for a reason.

The win moved me to 2-1 on the year while Ryan languishes and the bottom of the (two person) ladder with a Washington Wizard-like 1-2 record.

Yesterday’s results

Ryan – $5.00 on for a loss. Balance = $299.00

Paul – $5.00 on for a $10.00 win. Balance = $314.10

With only two games on the schedule today, Smoke ‘Em gets a double up.

Today’s Picks

Paul – Los Angeles Lakers (H) to beat Orlando by 11+ points & New York (H) to beat Phoenix by 11+. (Multi odds = $3.60)
The Lakers at home, with a suddenly in-form Dwight Howard should see no obstacle in the Orlando Magic. From both inside and out the Lakers should destroy this Magic team comfortably. As for New York, the 11+ is a little more risky but watching Phoenix play on the road is like watching a slow motion TAC commercial for 48 minutes. This should be some easy money.

Ryan – Los Angeles Lakers (H) to beat Orlando by 11+ points & New York (H) to beat Phoenix by 11+. (Multi odds = $3.60)
Amazingly, Paul has picked the same smart money double as me. The only bet for today has to be on the Lakers to beat Orlando convincingly and New York to make Phoenix realise they should just give up. Today is a day to lick my wounds and come back the day after with some smart picks. Stupid two game days. *frown*.

Current Standings
Ryan 1-2 (Balance = $294.00)
Paul 2-1 (Balance = $309.10)


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