San Antonio in the bad books… still

One for the “What the hell?” file here as this photo of Tony Parker and Tim Duncan “hanging out” with a likeness of NBA referee Joey Crawford has surfaced.

It’s safe to say that neither Duncan or Parker are known for rubbing the league the wrong way but this stunt might leave a mark.

The photo was apparently taken at teammate Stephen Jackson’s Halloween party over a month ago. It’s not going to matter to the league though, as they will certainly not like it and another fine should be forthcoming to San Antonio.

Given the recent $250k fine handed out to the Spurs for resting Duncan, Parker and teammate Manu Ginobili vs. Miami, this photo release is timed badly to say the least.

And the noose in the background is the cherry on the sundae.

We’ll wait to see what NBA Commissioner David Stern thinks of this situation.


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