Sacramento King of Vine


I really didn’t know what the point of Vine was until today. The application, which enables users to capture and post videos of up to six seconds in length completely mystified me. “What was the point of Vine?”, I had asked myself.

The application really made no sense to me at all until today when the Sacramento Kings posted a tribute to Chris Webber on their Twitter feed from their ‘Long Live the Kings’ Rally, using Vine.

What this little stroke of social media genius has done is made me love Vine endlessly but also wonder if this is the best I’ll ever see from the application?

Maybe I’m over-thinking it a little and maybe another Vine video will rock my world but for now two things are for certain, Chris Webber in Sacramento was an absolutely awesome time and this sort video captures the point beautifully.

Kudos to the Sacramento Kings.


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