Random NBA Thoughts

A collection of thoughts about the League:

Derrick Rose is just spectacular. Chicago has no business having a single win in this first round series, but thanks to him, they have three. 

Speaking of the Chicago-Pacers game, respect has to be given to Steve Kerr for fantastic use of the term alliteration in his coverage. Between him and Jeff Van Gundy, we are in good hands for these Playoffs. Pity about Mark Jackson.

OKC are the only team who looks confident and to be playing well in these Playoffs. Not a high quality first round so far. 

Miami were terrible in their third game against Philly. Did the clock wind back to November? Lebron with step back threes, horrid defensive rotation and a complete lack of chemistry. Miami are the Jekyl and Hyde of the NBA. 

In related news, how bad was the Philly crowd jeering Aandre Iguodala. They should thank their lucky stars they have someone like him, but the real problem is he’s cast as a their premier player when he’s custom made to be a second banana. 

News that Grant Hill has been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame Board of Governors is fantastic. Hopefully this is the start of a rejuvenation of that terrible institution.

Zach Randolph got lost on the way to the arena yesterday vs. the Spurs. What other excuse is there for the egregious no-show that saw him woefully under perform his season numbers against a Spurs team that should have no answer for him in the post? If Zach shows up every game, the Griz win. Basketball is simple sometimes. 

Just saw the headline “Minnesota could take Biyombo No. 1”. I know almost nothing about Biymobo, but I already know that would be a mistake. Minnesota is fantastic at mistakes. Anytime you can pick a kid averaging 5 points and 6 rebounds  in Spain with a high lottery pick, you’ve gotta do it. 

If Craig Sager swapped jobs with RuPaul, would anyone notice?

There really isn’t much difference between Joel Anthony and Chubbs Peterson. 

Dwight Howard is really doing everything possible to show who should be the MVP. Shame he won’t win it. I don’t ever remember a big man playing every minute of a game before. That’s how much they need him!

If they cancelled the Blazers-Mavs series would anyone notice? This is the most boring Playoff series in the history of the game. The only story line worth watching is the ongoing saga regarding who will be first NBA player to take the court with a zimmer frame: Jason Kidd or Brandon Roy.