Playoff Witness

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No big deal here, just a game winning lay up in arguably the Miami Heat’s biggest game of the season to date. It appears 2.2 seconds is just enough time to catch the ball at the top of the lane, turn, dribble and suck the life out of a plucky up-start Eastern Conference challenger.

LeBron James laid down 30 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and a lazy three blocks in this Game 1 victory. Not bad at all.

It was a massive missed opportunity for the Indiana Pacers in this game. They had been able to take the lead only moments earlier after Paul George was fouled by Dwyane Wade on a three-point attempt. This was Wade’s sixth foul, late in the first overtime period and the three made free throws by George had given Indiana a one point lead.

As previously mentioned however, LeBron James only needed 2.199999999 seconds to give his team a 1-0 lead in the series.

This was a missed opportunity of epic proportions for Indiana.

For all of LeBron James’ exploits, for some (crazy) people, this game-winner still wasn’t enough.


Michael Jordan put up with this sort of idiotic criticism too, it was just less scrutinized by the media and was concentrated to areas such as Detroit, New York and Cleveland where MJ left scorch marks during the playoffs.

While Miami (barely) prospered in this one, the Pacers were dealt with a severely tough break and will no doubt come back stronger in Game two. They need to be hungry and a split in South Beach is surely the only thing on the Pacer agenda. With anything other than a 1-1 scoreline now heading back home, the Pacers fans will no doubt be feeling very, very nervous come Game 3.

This game was also a prime example of why social media may be the worst possible invention ever, in the history of mankind. Anyone who is still hating on LeBron after this performance, quite frankly needs to be put down.

Bring on Game 2, especially for legit basketball people.


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