Piston Broke – James Johnson Lays Waste

It’s not like the thought of Raptors @ Pistons had any great excitement to it when the two teams met this week in Detroit. This changed in the final quarter however, as James Johnson cocked the hammer back and banged home a beauty on Andre Drummond.

[embedvideo id=”P_JbBXNcpec” website=”youtube”]

This wasn’t the end of the story however, as Drummond decided to retaliate in his own way, later in the game … or more to the point, on the very next play.

[embedvideo id=”ocwH6ggz-h0″ website=”youtube”]

While this was a definitive cheap shot by the Detroit big man, Johnson summed it up best afterwards – “That was nasty, right? I cocked that joint back and banged on him,” Johnson said of the jam over Drummond.

Hard to disagree with that, Mr Johnson. Well played.


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