Patty Mills – For My People

While Patty Mills is caught up in the midst of the NBA Finals once again, his entire country will be right behind him. As he struts his stuff on basketball’s biggest stage, thousands and thousands of Aussie kids will watch, wide-eyed and inspired. There’s a very large number of hoops fans in Australia but there’s an even larger number of indigenous Australians who look up to Mills as a role model not only in sport but also in life.

As Australians we are all aware of Patty’s indigenous roots and we celebrate his journey. Soon the world will see Mills’ story via the documentary “For My People”.


“Patty Mills is an Indigenous Australian, NBA basketball player and Olympian, currently a guard for the San Antonio Spurs. “For My People” documents Patty’s professional and private life from traditional dancing on a tiny island in the Torres Strait to playing against the best basketball players in the world.”

“His journey into the NBA is extremely unique & will inspire not only basketball fans around the globe but anybody who has a dream.”

Personally, I cannot wait to see this documentary myself but I’m more excited that Patty’s story will be shown to the world. Keep an eye on the website and be sure to check it out when it’s released.

As for the Finals, we’re right behind you Patty.


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