No Kidding, Brooklyn welcomes back Jason

The Brooklyn Nets have hired Jason Kidd to be their next Head Coach. The veteran point God who less than a fortnight ago hung up his sneakers as a player has been announced as the new captain of the sidelines and the hoops world seems to be pretty happy with the move.

See below for some NBA Twitter reactions:

And then of course, there’s Metta World Peace’s contribution on the subject, sans lettuce.

So it seems the NBA fraternity is happy for the future Hall-of-Fame point guard but is a rookie coach, fresh off the court what the Brooklyn Nets need? Reports suggest that Kidd will be surrounded with a strong cast of assistant coaches to aid the transition and of course in Brooklyn, money is no object.

In a move that is the first of it’s kind in lonnnnnnng time, it will be interesting to see how this shapes up come next season. Good luck to Jason Kidd, point guard one minute shooting 0-19 from the field to Head Coach the next, shooting 1-1 from the job interview line.


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