No Candles Required – Curry Blows Out Knicks On Birthday

The New York Knicks came to town on Saturday night and after a slow start, the Warriors took to them like a weapon of mass destruction. It was Steph Curry’s 27th birthday and instead of candles, it was the Knicks themselves that got blown out.

After the first period, the Warriors looked a step slow and perhaps even a tad disinterested. New York’s Andrea Bargnani was cooking as well as one could expect from the over-sized Italian and even the likes of Alexey Shved looked like being more energized than the home team was.

A sluggish first period ended with the Knicks leading 27-26. While the start may have been slow for the Warriors, DubNation was treated to a couple of highlight plays involving Aussie Andrew Bogut.

The starters from Golden State played the Knicks to a standstill early and it wasn’t until their second unit took the court that the Warriors started to assume some control. Ten quick points from Justin Holiday certainly helped the cause and provided the foundation for a Warriors mini-explosion late in the second period.

Much like the planet of Alderaan from the movie Star Wars, the Knicks were peaceful and posed little to no threat. The Warriors however channeled their collective Grand Moff Tarkin and demonstrated the full power of their on-court Death Star.

The first half ended with this gorgeous connection between Bogut and Curry, giving the Warriors a quick-fire 73-52 lead.


From there it only got better for the Warriors and much, much worse for New York. Every error from the Knicks was met with maximum consequence by the home team. Steph Curry lit up the court connecting on threes, finding open teammates and occasionally taking a dive into the stands to sample the wine list.

The Warriors eventually closed this one out 125-94 but not before resting the starting five and getting some good minutes into the entire squad. These types of games against less talented teams represent opportunities outside of just simply getting a win and Head Coach Steve Kerr was able to take advantage. Over the second and third periods, Golden State outscored New York 85-46.

Leading scorers for the Warriors were Thompson (27), Curry (25), Holiday (13) and Draymond Green (12).

The Oracle Arena crowd serenaded Curry for his birthday during a trip to the free throw line. He certainly appreciated it.

Golden State are now 10-0 in games played this season on a Saturday and an impressive 8-0 in games played in their slate alternate uniforms. And…



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