New York Knicks – Clownin’ in April

It’s been a pretty disappointing season for the New York Knicks and their fans. Carmelo Anthony hasn’t quite been superhuman enough to get the Knicks playing basketball in the month of May and their season will soon come to a regular season end.

But when it comes to this franchise, fans and players alike still get excited during highlight plays, regardless of the stench of season failure.

Exhibit A:

[embedvideo id=”fcUpK_Fmkmg” website=”youtube”]

And of course, Exhibit B:

[embedvideo id=”XUNER2tkhu8″ website=”youtube”]

With this disappointing season practically over, I look at those Knick bench reactions, and just shake my head. Sure, the crossover was mean and yes, the off-the-board dunk was entertaining but I don’t understand the placement of such celebratory behavior. The casual fan tuning in would likely think the Knicks were the team heading to the Playoffs to represent New York, not about to be on an extended holiday.

The plays were great and I guess I may be a bit of a wet blanket here, but is it really party time in New York? The team they beat in this game is in fact going to the playoffs, representing New York and probably couldn’t care less about the highlight reel.

It’s a different era with a different generation of players admittedly, but I can’t imagine a young, success-starved Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley or Hakeem Olajuwon tolerating behavior like that. They’d want to wind the season up as quickly as possible, get some rest and then get to the gym, looking at improvements to be made.

With this victory, the New York Knicks moved to 36-45 for a .444 winning percentage. They are one of the biggest disappointments of this season, they will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2010 and face an uncertain off-season.

But, it’s party time.

Good luck New York, you want some advice? Get on that Nets bandwagon.


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