New Orleans Pelicans?

With the Charlotte Bobcats looking to return the historic “Hornets” name to North Carolina, the current custodians in New Orleans are said to be making a change.

The “Pelicans” appears to be the new nickname of choice, with the change to come as early as next season. The current owner of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints Tom Benson owns the rights to the Pelicans name and has been looking to make a change since he purchased the Hornets in April.

The pelican is Louisiana’s state bird and appears on both the state sealĀ and flag.

The image above is from Uni Watch, an ESPN-inspired look at all things relating to sports uniforms. The Blog is run by Paul Lukas and features a number of subtle and not-so-subtle uniform changes across all sports. Lukas put the word out to readers to design an upgraded New Orleans logo/uniform back in May and the above result was submitted.

It probably won’t be close to the final product as Benson’s wife Gayle is said to be pushing for a change in team colours to red, gold and navy blue.

No matter what happens, it’s highly likely that the Hornets name will be in Charlotte next season and the Pelicans will reside in New Orleans.

I’m not going to lie, I picture this as the half-time entertainment:

If former Louisiana tenants the Utah Jazz wouldn’t give up their team name, it’s hard to see why a change is needed at all. But as always, with new ownership comes new ideas and a desire to make a new name for the organisation.


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