New Orleans Pelicans – Launched

The New Orleans Pelicans have finally revealed their new uniform for the upcoming season. With a combination of navy, gold and red the new uniforms look great but have perhaps left some areas for future improvement.

Take a peek below at the new look:

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The door has been left open for a red alternative uniform, which should look nice also.

If I’m honest, I really like the new uniforms, although it would have been nice if “NOLA” or “PELICANS” featured on the front of the jersey in a larger font. The long-winded “NEW ORLEANS” is actually too long in this case, meaning the font used across the chest is smaller.

When asked about the new look, Pelican power forward Anthony Davis had this to say:

“We’ve got new colors, new name and a new logo. I’m excited to play in these during a game.” – Anthony Davis.

Ryan Anderson didn’t hold back on how he felt:

“I love them. I love the colors. I love the logo. That’s what kind of caught me off guard was the Pelicans
and this new wave. Everybody was really surprised about the Pelicans name. Ever since this logo came
out, everybody loves it. I love it. I think it’s awesome to have on the jersey. It’s just great. I love how it
represents the city. It’s a great jersey.” – Ryan Anderson.

Newly acquired Jrue Holiday shared his thoughts and when asked if the new uniform helped him truly realize that he’s at a new home, he had this to say:

“It does. It didn’t really feel real for a while. You get a call, and you just kind of go. Now, putting on a
uniform and wearing what you are going to work in, it feels really good.” – Jrue Holiday.

All in all a successful launch, you can see more information regarding the New Orleans Pelicans’ new look at!


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