New Charlotte Hornets Style

This is what happens when smart people make smart decisions. The Charlotte Bobcats, who are soon to be named the Charlotte Hornets, are re-uniting their people with a trusted friend …

The good ol’ purple and teal.

While this is a welcomed announcement from Bobcat management it does beg the question: how “Hornety” were the new Charlotte Hornets going to be if they wore any other colours? Don’t get me wrong, I love the nostalgia and figure this somehow takes us one step closer to getting the Sonics back but fair’s fair.

No teal and purple, no Hornets.

For those of you who get “colour-nerd” excited over Pantone (PMS) numbers, here’s the chosen Hornet shades.

I’m sensing a disturbance in the force as I look at PMS 284. I don’t know how that light blue is involved but it worries me.

Apart from that, happy days!!


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