With every new year comes a fresh crop of NBA hopefuls, looking to make their mark on the league. But before they can shine on the court, these kids must please the marketing gurus at Panini by getting in front of the camera and strutting their stuff.

Note: All of the photos taken at this event will be somewhat hilarious in 4-5 years.

First up is Minnesota rookie duo Karl Towns and Tyus Jones.

Next up are three Boston Celtics who the NBA’s social media person doesn’t know the names of.

Here we have Tyler Harvey of the Orlando Magic and Jarell Martin of the Memphis Grizzlies.

You’ll notice the three anonymous Celtics were still just standing around…

Finally… I tried to warn you guys.

It seems Houston’s Sam Dekker and Charlotte’s Frank Kaminsky (former teammates) are clubhouse leaders in the “Dammit, these old photos are gonna piss me off” stakes for 2015.



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