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NBA Playoff Predictions – Conference Semis

NBA Playoff Predictions – Conference Semis

Well, that was one of the most exciting first rounds in NBA playoff history. Only three of the eight first round match ups failed to go to the deciding seventh game and the competition between all teams was intense!

With all the good that comes with that distinction however, it didn’t exactly pan out to well for everyone’s predictions. This time we’re combining all of the action from both the Eastern and Western Conferences, hoping for better results all around.

Again, we have Bakes, Mitch and myself all casting our predictions, with additions from our pals, listed below:

Dare to predict! Dare to dream! We’ll also list everyone’s current tally at the bottom of this post.


1- Indiana vs. 5- Washington

  • Hendo – Indiana in 6
  • Bakes – Indiana in 5
  • Mitch – Indiana in 7
  • Nick – Indiana in 6
  • Steve – Indiana in 6
  • Tom – Washington in 7
  • Benyam – Indiana in 6
  • Adam – Indiana in 6
  • Brendan – Washington in 6
  • Greg – Washington in 6

It’s good to see that Tom is staying true to his #WizardsBandwagon2014 campaign and putting his prediction where his wagon is. Especially since the #HawksBandWagon2014 situation fell so agonizingly short. Joined by Brendan and Greg, the lads believe that the Wiz can pull another rabbit out of the hat against the disappointing Pacers.

No matter what happens, it would be nice to see Roy Hibbert put in a more palatable performance against the Wiz.

Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports

Roy Hibbert (Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports)

2- Miami vs. 6- Brooklyn

  • Hendo – Miami in 5
  • Bakes – Miami in 4
  • Mitch – Brooklyn in 7
  • Nick – Miami in 6
  • Steve – Miami in 6
  • Tom – Miami in 5
  • Benyam – Miami in 7
  • Adam – Brooklyn in 6
  • Brendan – Brooklyn in 7
  • Greg – Miami in 6

Brendan, Adam and Mitch have all gone ‘balls out’ and tipped the elderly Nets to take down the defending champs! Hard to imagine although plenty of experts suggest that the Nets match up well with Miami. Time will tell as the Heatles deal with having not played in a while, sending the Bobcats into extinction over a week ago.


King & Truth


1- San Antonio vs. 5- Portland

  • Hendo – San Antonio in 6
  • Bakes – San Antonio in 5
  • Mitch – San Antonio in 5
  • Nick – San Antonio in 6
  • Steve – San Antonio in 6
  • Tom – San Antonio in 5
  • Benyam – San Antonio in 6
  • Adam – San Antonio in 5
  • Brendan – Portland in 6
  • Greg – Portland in 6

The Damian Lillard effect has taken a hold of a couple of predictions here and perhaps rightly so. Along with All-Star teammate LaMarcus Aldridge, the Blazers just might have the minerals to take it to the reigning West champs. Don’t sleep on Patty Millions either! As soon as that little French frog-nibbler makes a wrong move, Patty will be in there quickly to try and become the 2k14 version of Vinnie “Microwave” Johnson.

Patty Millions (Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports)

Patty Millions (Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports)

2- Oklahoma City vs. 3- Los Angeles Clippers

  • Hendo – Los Angeles in 7
  • Bakes – Los Angeles in 7
  • Mitch – Los Angeles in 6
  • Nick – Oklahoma City in 6
  • Steve – Oklahoma City in 7
  • Tom – Los Angeles in 7
  • Benyam – Los Angeles in 7
  • Adam – Oklahoma City in 6
  • Brendan – Oklahoma City in 7
  • Greg – Los Angeles in 6

Something tells me that Bakes’ $50 on the Clippers at pre-Doc Rivers odds isn’t ready to bow out of championship contention just yet. This series definitely features a split in opinions as you can see and will probably come down to a combination of Chris Paul’s hamstring health as well as how many players Steven Adams pisses off into suspension. Oh, and these two guys below will probably make some noise.


Just Two Guys And They’re Having A Good Time

All in all, if we get a second round that is only half as good as the first, we’ll still be putting 2014 in the top 5 playoffs of all time. Young stars, savvy veterans, epic performances.

Currently, our group have picked the following correct winners, with correct series scores in brackets.

  • Nick – 7 (1)
  • Benyam – 6 (2)
  • Hendo – 6 (2)
  • Mitch – 6 (2)
  • Steve – 6 (2)
  • Tom – 6 (1)
  • Adam – 6 (0)
  • Brendan – 6 (0)
  • Greg – 6 (0)
  • Bakes – 5 (1)

Bring on the Conference Semis!

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