NBA Playoff Predictions – Conference Finals

The NBA playoffs have finally reached the Conference Finals and what a ride so far! We’re down to the final four and as most expected, both conferences are represented by the number one and two seeds.

For the Conference Finals BakesMitch and myself are all trying once again to predict the future. We’re not the only ones, as we are again joined by these friends of Hoop Diary:


1- Indiana vs. 2-Miami

  • Hendo – Miami in 6
  • Bakes – Miami in 5
  • Mitch – Indiana in 7
  • Nick – Miami in 6
  • Steve – Miami in 6
  • Tom – Miami in 7
  • Benyam – Miami in 6
  • Adam – Miami in 5
  • Brendan – Indiana in 7
  • Greg – Miami in 5
  • Jamieson – Miami in 7

We’ve all been waiting for Indiana to show something like last season’s near-world beating form but it’s been far from impressive. The Miami Heat in contrast have been able to take time off throughout the playoffs, rest bodies and get themselves in prime form for another title run. Will Roy Hibbert cause the Heat problems? Or will he continue to struggle mightily? Will Paul George take over and launch into some late MVP form? Or will The James Gang once again shut the gate on the Blue Collar, Gold Swagger?

Should be a great series.

King George vs. King James | Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

King George vs. King James | Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


1- San Antonio vs. 2- Oklahoma City

  • Hendo – San Antonio in 6
  • Bakes – San Antonio in 5
  • Mitch – San Antonio in 5
  • Nick – Oklahoma City in 6
  • Steve – San Antonio in 7
  • Tom – San Antonio in 6
  • Benyam – San Antonio in 6
  • Adam – San Antonio in 6
  • Brendan – San Antonio in 7
  • Greg – San Antonio in 6
  • Jamieson – San Antonio in 7

The injury to Serge Ibaka is huge when considering this series. Without that rim protection for OKC, one could be forgiven for thinking the Spurs cruise into yet another NBA Finals series. But it would be unwise to count out the MVP Kevin Durant and his band of loyal followers. This Thunder team has an evident bond that guides them through the best and worst of times. Another great series coming up, let’s also hope we see plenty of Patty Mills as he backs up the hobbled Tony Parker.

Serge Ibaka, gone for the remainder of the playoffs = HUGE.

Serge Ibaka, gone for the remainder of the playoffs = HUGE.

Bring on the Conference Finals! We’ll update the current prediction scores shortly.


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