NBA Finals Predictions

The 2014 NBA Finals are here and as some suspected all along, the San Antonio Spurs will again face the Miami Heat. We’ve seen an incredible NBA Playoffs this year and this series has the potential to provide the perfect finish.

To conclude this series BakesMitch and myself are joined once again by our pals below, as we predict our 2014 NBA Champions. Once again, here’s the crew:


San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat

  • Hendo – Miami in 6
  • Bakes – Miami in 6
  • Mitch – Miami in 7
  • Nick – Miami in 6
  • Steve – San Antonio in 7
  • Tom – San Antonio in 7
  • Benyam – Miami in 7
  • Adam – San Antonio in 6
  • Brendan – San Antonio in 6
  • Greg – San Antonio in 7
  • Jamieson – San Antonio in 7

See below for the current standings as we reach the final test. There’s quite clearly no prizes for first place so to suggest the pressure is on for any of our panel members to perform would be comically insulting.

Results tabulated by correct series winner, with correct game-score in parentheses. A perfect bracket at this stage would have yielded a 14 (14) result but let’s face it, that was never going to happen.

  • Benyam – 8 (4)
  • Hendo – 8 (4)
  • Steve – 8 (3)
  • Nick – 8 (2)
  • Tom – 8 (2)
  • Adam – 8 (1)
  • Greg – 8 (1)
  • Mitch – 7 (2)
  • Bakes – 7 (1)
  • Brendan – 7 (0)

Our buddy Jamieson joined this series late and scored two correct series winners but had both results in seven games, not six.

Considering the quality of last season’s Spurs vs. Heat matchup, this series has a lot to live up to. This year’s playoffs have been simply sensational with multiple overtime games, huge performances and plenty of drama. The Miami Heat have toned down the off-court (and sometimes on-court) antics as the post season drew closer. As for San Antonio, well we never see to much hype out of those guys, it’s all business, all the time.

This series really is difficult to predict. When considering all the players involved from both squads, there are plenty of guys in both uniforms that could have game and series-defining performances. The only thing I think that would “shock” anyone would be a sweep. Neither of these teams is likely to drop more than two games in a row to each other, so it seems practically impossible.

But as they say, this is why they play the games.

Let the Duncan vs. LeBron rubber match begin.

Image via Bleacher Report

Image via Bleacher Report

Let’s also hope our Aussies Patty Mills and Aron Baynes can make an impact. No matter the result, both of these guys have come a long way this season and deserve all the congratulations they receive for doing their country proud.

Thanks to the crew for sending in their predictions and heres to an epic NBA Finals!

Shout out also to the guys from POSTERIZES and especially Gary CGY who is behind the cover image. Their collective work is epic, make sure you hit up their website or follow them on Twitter.


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