More LeBron James in 2016?

LeBron James suggested straight after the London Olympics that this may be his last run in the Team USA uniform but now the tide may have turned. Speaking with the Associated Press, James made note that he had “done the math” and at the age of 31 he would love another opportunity to represent the United States of America.

LeBron was simply amazing to watch in the International game as he controlled tempo, relished picking apart zone defenses and took great pride in finishing games with authority. In their Group game against Lithuania, James was simply unstoppable in the final quarter seemingly “flicking the switch” and extinguishing any chance of a shock loss.

The skills displayed during the Olympic tournament by James were amazing and so diverse. In four years it’s more than reasonable to suggest that #9 could do it all over again.

LeBron James could easily play a “2012 Kobe Bryant” role for Team USA in 2016. Truth is, he’ll probably do a lot more than that.

With Kobe Bryant having just competed in the 2012 London Games at close to 34 years of age, there’s nothing other than injury that could stop LeBron James again donning the red, white and blue, dominantly.

If you’re a true basketball fan, then that is a truly exciting prospect.


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