Monta Ellis – Jobless… for now

We were all made aware late last year that Monta Ellis “have it all“, however this statement (from Monta himself) will not quite ring as true in the coming weeks. ESPN is reporting that Ellis will opt out of his contract, forfeiting the last $11m of his current deal.

Monta Ellis, at least for the short term will have it all… except perhaps a job.

For all you Ellis fans out there, don’t panic. Monta will be one of the most highly sought-after free agents this off-season and will no doubt sign a new deal. Whether that deal is with his current team the Milwaukee Bucks or a new suitor remains to be seen but will be revealed over the coming months.

His well-known friendship with Dwight Howard may also be a factor. With the Los Angeles Lakers free agent also taking a look at the market, rumors are suggesting a potential pairing with Chris Paul. If that dream falls through however, Ellis may just try to be the next best thing for the man they call Superman.

This is not the first and certainly won’t be the last intriguing storyline of the NBA’s off-season… and the Finals still haven’t concluded! Stay tuned.


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