Monta Ellis has been employed

Recently we discussed that although “Monty Ellie had it all” he was missing an important life element, a job.

Well, Ellis can finally go back to telling us how complete he is! The former Milwaukee Buck has agreed to terms with the Dallas Mavericks in a three-year deal that is reported to be worth over $25 million.

Monta averaged 19.2 points and 6.0 assists per game last season for the Bucks and joins former Raptor/Piston Jose Calderon in the new Maverick back court.

With a deal for former employee Devin Harris now off the table due to a positive foot X-ray, the Mavs are now said to have Samuel Dalembert at the top of their wish list.

While the acquisition of Ellis is a positive move for Dallas, the names Ellis, Calderon and Dalembert don’t quite sound as nice as Dwight Howard and Deron Williams once did.

Back to the drawing board for the Mavericks.


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