Milwaukee Bucks vs $18m

The Milwaukee Bucks are an up and coming team with some really talented players. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that they are a 5th seed at best in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and that they are still one or two players away from causing some serious Playoff damage.

The worst part of this equation is Michael Redd’s contract which is currently eating up $18m of Milwaukee’s cap space. What do the Bucks do this off-season when that contract expires? I thought I’d take a look at the Bucks roster and provide two distinct options for improvement.

1) Bogut needs help: Andrew Bogut plays his guts out every game but is clearly the Bucks’ only consistent shot blocker. He’s leading the League in blocked shots but as soon as he accumulates fouls, the Bucks’ defense is strained. Larry Sanders has had a good start to the season and will improve with more playing time. I really like his energy. The same could be said for Jon Brockman, a great pick up but unfortunately not a shot blocker. Bringing in a JaVale McGee or Marcus Camby would make an immediate impact.

2) Consistent perimeter threat: The Bucks are ranked 21st in the League for 3-point percentage (.340) and ranked 20th in attempts (15.9 per game). I imagine Andrew Bogut and Drew Gooden especially would enjoy greater post success if Milwaukee could add another three-point bomber. I’m talking about a JJ Redick, Kyle Korver, Matt Bonner or DeShawn Stevenson-type. For the moment, John Salmons is the only Buck shooting above .400 from downtown.

Michael Redd aint coming back, so the planning begins now to push Milwaukee into the top 4. Heaven knows Atlanta is seemingly doing everything it can to release itself from that group.

The other option is to not spend the money at all. After wearing that contract with no return for the past two years, I could understand if owner Herb Kohl wanted to bank it.

But in the interest of Bucks fans.. bring in the pieces to help Milwaukee genuinely compete for the first time since 2001.


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