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Situation: So you’re a young Aussie playing in the NCAA college basketball system and you’re feeling pretty good about life. You’ve played in an Olympic tournament for your country and you feel confident that you have what it takes to succeed in the college system.

You’re playing the always tough Brigham Young University on the road in a regular season game and have a chance to get a valuable away win with just one stop and a basket…

However, your opponent Tyler Haws hits a running floater off his wrong foot with 2.5 seconds remaining in the game to give BYU a two-point lead and you have no timeouts.

Naturally, you come crashing down to earth, right?


Well, not so fast if you’re Aussie Matthew Dellavedova.

Why not immediately start running towards your basket, clapping your hands incessantly while demanding the ball? Then why not just grab the pass, take one dribble and make a contested half-court shot off one foot to win the game and send everyone in the crowd home miserable? Sure, that sounds awesome.

Well, not quite everyone in the crowd was upset.

It seems your parents were in the crowd the whole time, having travelled 8,000 miles across the planet to watch you play this particular game.

Yeah, this all sounds like a great idea. Well done Delly, bravo!


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