Mark Cuban’s Dwight Howard pitch

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Here is the animated pitch Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks put in front of free agent Dwight Howard this summer. Say what you want about Cuban’s methods, at least he approaches things uniquely.

However, while the animated skit is unique it also happens to be grossly over-exaggerated.

Firstly, suggesting Howard could become the “most dominant center of all-time” in Dallas seems more than a little over-the-top and secondly it’s debatable that we’ve seen a “burning desire to win” out of him. Finally, dangling a “world domination” carrot above Dwight’s nose seems laughable, especially considering the direct reference to Howard’s fun-having work persona.


All in all, it’s a rating of “good job, good effort” for the execution of this recruitment technique.

Which leaves me wondering how Dwight didn’t sign with the Mavericks.


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