Mamba Drops 81 – We Remember

So it’s been five years already? Wow, time flies when you’re having fun I guess. It was an incredible scoring performance by Kobe Bryant regardless of what you think of him. Some say he hogged the ball, others say he reached for the stars that night against the Raptors. No matter your opinion, it was a memorable night in the NBA that may not ever be matched.

The fortunes of the Raptors and the Lakers have differed immensely over this five year period. The Lakers have made three straight trips to the NBA Finals, while the Raptors have produced two first round playoff exits.

The Lakers right now are struggling to find their regular groove, and tonight’s opponent the Denver Nuggets have found a post-Melodrama spark winning 4 of their past 5 games. Over this stretch the Nuggets have averaged over 119 points per game. We all know that the Lakers are a better team when Kobe involves everyone, however the Lakers of the past month seem to be missing a fair amount of “Eff you! We’re the Lakers!”.

Having not won in Colorado in their past five visits, the Lakers are presented with a challenge. The question is, do we see Kobe lay the smack down tonight on the Nuggets to celebrate the 81 point anniversary? The Lakers could sure use a win, and I’m not sure they have the offense to get to 120 without Kobe taking over.

Game on. Let’s watch and see, while remembering the 81 point fiesta five years ago.


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