Lakers Secure win for Dr. Jerry Buss

It’s hard to truly do justice to the late Dr. Jerry Buss whether it be via a pre-game speech, blog post, montage or even a 14 point win over long time rival, the Boston Celtics.

Emotions were high at Staples Center as the Lakers were able to secure a much needed victory in their first game without their fearless leader. Kobe Bryant spoke before the game stating what a lot of people around the NBA agree with, that Dr. Buss was the “greatest owner in sports, ever”.


Lakers big man Dwight Howard looked truly energised in this game, arguably for the first time this season. Howard contributed 24 points and 12 rebounds in this game, leading the team in scoring while also remaining extremely active on the defensive end of the floor.

Overall a very solid effort from the Lakers in this one, and a fitting tribute to the passing of their iconic owner.

From the loss of a man that cannot be replicated, Lakers fans will be hoping for more of the same effort and passion from their team for the remainder of the season.


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