Lin Demand – Jeremy is a Rocket

After a roller-coaster ride of offer sheets, game playing and public (and team-mate) outcry, Jeremy Lin is now officially a Houston Rocket. While a LOT of water has passed under the bridge since we predicted he would stay in New York, the Knicks have ultimately refused to match the 3 year, $25m dollar back-ended offer sheet presented to Lin by the Rockets.

“What does this mean for me?” I hear you asking. Well, all the t-shirts, signs, “Linspirational” quotes and pandemonium can still be experienced by all however they will need to feature a lot more of the colour red than they did before. It will be interesting to see whether Lin can have the same impact on the NBA in general, let alone in a new city.

Lin’s contract is back-ended to the extent that if he fails to perform to an acceptable level, there’s no doubt he would be traded in the third year as an expiring contract. He is scheduled to earn somewhere in the $13m range in year three.

But for the meantime, spare a thought for Spike Lee who no longer gets to wear this shirt to Knicks games.

Spike Lee… with an awesome shirt.

Carmelo Anthony wasn’t feeling it and it seems neither were the Knicks as an organisation. It’s sad to see Lin move teams but let’s all admit he’s been quite handsomely compensated.

Finally, a word from the player himself:

Drama in New York? Never. A nationally televised Knicks vs. Rockets game next season? Count on it. #Linsanity lives!!


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