Lakers (Potential) Swag Level = One Trillion?

It’s going to be interesting to keep a cheeky eye on the (mostly) young Los Angeles Lakers. This current, new and perhaps improved roster has an average age of just 25.58 and that includes Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace who are 37 and 35 respectively.

In fact, if you remove those two, Nick Young (30) and Brandon Bass (30) you’re left with an average of just 23.60!

With such a young roster we can expect more than a few mistakes, more than a few dummy spits but let’s face it, more and more outlandish behaviour. The montage below, led by the Lakers’ fourth oldest player mind you, is a testament to what kind of shenanigans we’ll see from LA this season.

I generally don’t use the word “swag” but there’s really nothing else you can call it, when Nick “SwaggyP” Young is the ringleader.

And this, against the reigning champions no less…

If nothing else, the Lakers will fill up the Internet. I just dread what a certain Mr Bryant thought about all of this, emerging from a pre-season game, in October.


(GIF via the incomparable GotEm_Coach)



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