Kyrie Drops a Little Doctor J on the Celtics

Kyrie Irving is the master of handles and the king of the difficult lay up and on Wednesday night, he lived up to the title on both in the one play. Irving’s delightful baseline move left Boston’s Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford staring in awe as Cleveland’s second banana tied the game with just under 40 seconds remaining.

The move immediately reminded me of Julius Erving’s iconic move for Philadelphia in the early 80s.

…and it seems I wasn’t alone in making that comparison.

Great minds think alike. Great players move alike.

While it was a magical move by Kyrie, the Celtics and more notably Thomas got the last laugh as they held on for the 103-99 victory at home.

Regardless of the game result, this was definitely a great moment in NBA Irving/Erving history.


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