Kobe Returns – Hockey Assist And Turnovers

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Kobe Bryant returned to basketball on Sunday night as he laced them up for the first time this season to face the Toronto Raptors at Staples Center. To say that Los Angeles was hyped would be an epic understatement, as illustrated by this play.

As Bryant leaks out on the fast break, the crowd lifts as one expecting him to score his first basket. It was not to be on this occasion however as Bryant handed off to Steve Blake who in turn dished to Wesley Johnson for the monster dunk.

This play pretty much summed up the entire evening as practically the entire basketball universe expected the unexpected from Kobe. Social media was buzzing with opinions on what Kobe was going to do, should do, didn’t do and couldn’t do.

As the game ended, the Lakers lost comfortably and Bryant finished with 8 turnovers. Forget everything else, the turnovers were seemingly all anyone was talking about. Although, the hockey assist did pose an interesting question;

Is this the new, unselfish, “I don’t need to score that much” Kobe?


Seriously though, we are probably going to have to see a somewhat reduced Kobe Bryant from here on out, right?


Regardless of all the over-analyzing that occured before, during and after this game, it sure was nice to have the Black Mamba back on court.


(Hopefully I did that right, Laker fans.)


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