Kobe Bryant – Still Something Else

Kobe’s back, and while I spend every single minute of every single game praying that he doesn’t get injured again, I can’t help but leap out of my seat when I see this kinda material from the maestro they call the Black Mamba.

[embedvideo id=”61Ddetfj_Ms” website=”youtube”]

I’m travelling to the United States in January to watch Bryant perform live and all this reckless abandon is quite honestly, very stressful. In almost an “eff you” to anyone who doubted he could return at an elite level, Kobe has been throwing himself into pretty much every contest to start this 2014/15 season. There’s seemingly no fear, no restraint and well, no love for stupid questions by the media.

[embedvideo id=”du7cnfJ_Ksg” website=”youtube”]

It’s been an impressive start to the season for Bryant when weighing up expectation of his return vs. the output on court. Needless to say there’s been some rust, but there’s also been some serious entertainment…

[embedvideo id=”H21Eub-YLVY” website=”youtube”]

Keep up the good work, young man. I look forward to seeing you in January.

Stressfully signing off,



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