KG to re-sign with the Celtics for $34M

As loved as he is by some, Kevin Garnett is hated by seemingly just as many. With his old and busted knees taking him through one of his best seasons in recent memory, the big fella was said to beĀ considering retirement.

The NBA just wouldn’t be same without Garnett patrolling the paint, abusing the weak and generally being an A-grade bastard. Hell, everyone’s favourite Piston Charlie Villanueva certainly has some unfinished business with “Da’ Kid”.

Well, KG fans and foes can now rejoice in the news that Kevin Garnett will likely sign a new 3-year, $34M dollar deal with the Boston Celtics come July 11. This contract will see KG take a pay cut on the $21M he made this past season but will still make quite a nice living for a 17-year veteran.

So much for retirement benefits.


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