Kevin Durant – Most Valuable Acceptance Speech

Kevin Durant was today named the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player. Whether your a fan of KD or not, you owe it to yourself to watch the entire ceremony and marvel at what an outstanding player and man Mr Durant is. There’s a lot of videos here but let me assure you it’s completely worth the time spent.

The ceremony kicks off with a sensational tribute video brought to you by the community of Oklahoma:

[embedvideo id=”3wingt3hyig” website=”youtube”]

KD acknowledged and GM Sam Presti speaks:

[embedvideo id=”lKg8k9u9Aq8″ website=”youtube”]

Head Coach Scott Brooks speaks:

[embedvideo id=”yJmw6oXiUDM” website=”youtube”]

Durant receives the MVP trophy:

[embedvideo id=”u93nvmTdHFw” website=”youtube”]

KD begins his moving tribute to his teammates including Derek Fisher, Caron Butler and Kendrick Perkins:

[embedvideo id=”t0wK7I10yp8″ website=”youtube”]

Durant continues thanking his teammates one-by-one, including a moving tribute to Russell Westbrook:

[embedvideo id=”k7PoHt60aWI” website=”youtube”]

KD states that he’s “almost done” but there’s another 24 minutes of thank-yous and conversation to come and no one is in a hurry for him to finish:

[embedvideo id=”5ildBYT3P0Y” website=”youtube”]

Durant thanks his mother in a simply gorgeous moment:

[embedvideo id=”6GTiCUPZ9kw” website=”youtube”]

[embedvideo id=”Gn1AbO4DICA” website=”youtube”]

KD answers questions from the media:

[embedvideo id=”hnFnEjkfg3Q” website=”youtube”]

[embedvideo id=”cNuPIuJ-mc4″ website=”youtube”]

I’m not ashamed to say that Kevin’s tribute to his mother brought a tear to my eye. Such a humble competitor and such an appreciative young man.

Oklahoma City is lucky to have Kevin Durant and he is lucky to have them.

Well done KD, a thoroughly deserved MVP.

All videos courtesy of Hardwood Paroxysm.


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