Kevin Durant – Lights Out Portland

We have all heard the stories of Kevin Durant being “number two” in so many aspects of his NBA career. When it comes to scoring the ball however, right now there is no equal. KD torched the Portland Trailblazers for 46 points including 11 in the final 3:30 of Tuesday night’s contest to give his Oklahoma City Thunder a spectacular 105-97 victory.

Durant didn’t just score though, he scored AT the Blazers as they came to him, and barked AT their bench after tying the game. Check out some of these shots … incredible.

[embedvideo id=”Jbr0pdQU9bI” website=”youtube”]

Portland literally threw everything at him but ultimately had no answers for KD. He simply shut the gate on the game and firmly shoved Portland back behind his Thunder in the Western Conference standings.

The man is on a tear, and we’re all lucky to be along for the ride.

Here’s a recap of Duran’t handiwork.

[embedvideo id=”w97T2EB7ceU” website=”youtube”]

Nucking futs.


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