It’s a mad mad world

We are into the third week of the NBA season and some themes and interesting points are starting to come through, from which teams benefited from the offseason (looking at you Indiana) and who didn’t (Dallas). Some great plot points are developing so let’s take a trip down story lane with some random points.

  • The basketball world is going crazy for Ricky Rubio as he’s proven he was worth the wait. The real question is not if he will be an impact player but rather how much. Can he keep shooting well enough to be more than a Rajon Rondo type?
  • Are Atlanta a trick or a treat? They beat Miami and Chicago but lose to 3-7 Houston. The Hawks look better than they did last year but is it enough to take a step up in the standings? I’d say they are improved, but unfortunately for them Philly has improved more so they are still a fifth seed behind Miami, Chicago, Orlando and Philly.
  • Speaking of trick or treating, Washington have been a scary enough that they could change the name of the Verizon Center to the Haunted Mansion and no one would really notice.
  • Boris “The Hutt” Diaw has been a revalation for the Bobcats, playing like he was still in the desert with Steve Nash with the big exception being his waistband. Dude is huge in a way that makes it look like he’s been eating all the food Charles Barkley is passing up, but somehow he is playing even better with the extra girth.
  • Speaking of surprising, a few of the players predicted in the Hoop Diary Leap Award are going on to make their sponsors feel clever at this point in the early season including:
    • Brendan Edmistone with his selection of Andrew Bynum as the big fellas is doing everything to make people forget Dwight Howard.
    • Paul Henderson has made the first wise choice of his life with a selection of Mario Chalmers, as the Miami PG has meshed well with surging rookie Norris Cole to provide exactly what the Heat need from the 1. Cole gets the team started and Chalmers provides a fearless attitude in the fourth which has Miami rolling.
    • Nathaniel “Nat Where You At” is proving to have a crystal ball as the much overlooked Thad Young has been just one of a raft of revelations for Philladelphia.
  • Speaking of young, my favourite part of the young season was seeing the Bobcats list Tyrus Thomas as a DNP (fatigued legs) which was the best excuse since the Spurs listed Bob Horry as a DNP (Old Age) against the Warriors in 2007.
  • Andrew Bogut returned to the Bucks after his personal issues caused an absense and non-coincidentally the Bucks scored their first win since the big fella left. Bogut is known for the defensive value but the main thing he provides for the Bucks is in terms of facilitation at the offensive end with his passing and exceptional screening.
  • Tonight’s Mavs @ Celtics game was a real look at teams for who the window has probably closed, as the Mavs narrowly edged the Celts on the road.
  • That contrasts with the epic track meet of the Heat in LA vs the Clippers, the two teams of the moment, who appear to have a fully open window.

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