Introducing the Golden Sleeved Warriors

The Golden State Warriors will debut a new (unprecedented) look on February 22nd when the San Antonio Spurs visit them at Oracle Arena. This new adizero short sleeve NBA Uniform System is said to be 26 percent lighter than the Warriors’ current uniforms.

I’m not sure what’s more impressive however, the science behind the material itself or the fact that we as a human race can break down a 26 percent reduction as a solid statistic. While this new look is sure to upset a lot of traditionalists, it does continue the current trend of players wearing tighter jerseys which was probably first noticed at the 2012 Olympic Games. From media release:

“Players on every court like to have a unique sense of style,” said Lawrence Norman, vice president, adidas global basketball. “We were excited to work side-by-side for the last 18 months with the Warriors, one of the NBA’s youngest and most exciting teams, to develop this unique uniform system that helps maintain peak player performance while ensuring comfort, fit and style.”

Throughout the evaluation process, adidas received positive feedback from players at all levels on the uniform’s performance and innovative style. “When adidas began working with us to develop the short sleeve jersey, I couldn’t wait to wear it in a game,” said Warriors forward Harrison Barnes. “I love the fit and style the sleeves give me on the court.”

Here’s a look at Aussie big man Andrew Bogut donning the new look:

So there you have it. The first of a new breed of basketball uniforms worldwide? Or simply a pointless gimmick that will disappear quicker than Frédéric Weis? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page with your thoughts.


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