Hurricane Gordon – Suns offer guard max deal

It seems Eric Gordon is worth close to $15M per season.

Well, that’s what the Phoenix Suns appear prepared to pay for him as sources indicate that they will sign Gordon to a max contract offer-sheet on July 11th.

New Orleans will no doubt have to match Phoenix’s offer and retain their marquee player, who came across from Los Angeles as the centerpiece of the Chris Paul trade last year. Having already (likely) lost Chris Kaman, the Hornets can’t afford to lose Gordon as well. If they do not match the offer sheet, Gordon will walk and New Orleans will have essentially traded Paul for Al Farouq Aminu.

Yeah, not a great story line.

For what it’s worth, here’s an image of the sheer joy experienced by Eric Gordon and pals when introduced as a Hornet.

Feel the jubilation!

It’s fair to say none of these three gentlemen look particularly pleased to be donning the Hornets uniform. That being said, you have to feel for New Orleans, who were bullied into trading CP3 in the first place and now face the possibility of losing practically everything they got in return for him.

How is this going to play out if they match the offer sheet and keep an unhappy Gordon on the team? It can’t be a good situation to bring prized draft picks Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers into.

Decisions to be made for the Hornets who are experiencing yet another natural disaster, only this time it’s the NBA’s Free Agency period.


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