Hollywood Nights coming to LA

Image via Lakers.com

The Los Angeles Lakers will introduce a predominantly black “Hollywood Nights” uniform this season, pictured here being modeled by Laker great Kobe Bryant. The Lakers posted a teaser video on Instagram recently which got hoops fans talking immediately, receiving over 34,000 likes.

Now, these images have been released on the Lakers’ website.

Via SI.com’s Point Forward blog:

“This has been a few years in the process of introducing a black Lakers uniform,” Lakers executive Jeanie Buss said in a video posted to Lakers.com. “In no way will it ever replace the purple and gold traditional uniform that have seen so many championships won. I think the gold is going to pop out on a black uniform and having the purple letters says it all. It’s all Lakers. Hollywood is also a really hard-working town. That’s the major industry of this city and it’s the heartbeat. Hollywood Nights is a tribute to all those people.”

Whether you love or hate the Lakers, these uniforms look pretty striking. The best part of this new look is the fact the traditional “Lakers look” hasn’t been replaced. Many teams over the years (with a lot less of a rich history, granted) have chopped ad changed when a new look has been introduced.

The “Hollywood Nights” movement encompasses all the history of the Los Angeles Lakers while giving hoops fans a new look to the self-proclaimed owners of LA.

Image via Lakers.com

Bring on the new season!


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