History: Mitch Richmond Drops 27 On The Spurs (1991 Playoffs)

It’s 1991, it’s the first round of the NBA playoffs and Mitch Richmond does what every current day analytics junkie would despise in this game against San Antonio. The vast majority of shots you see Richmond make in this highlights package are long twos. To the more “educated” basketball analyst, this video will be like fingernails down a chalkboard.

But in 1991, it worked a treat.

Mitch hits from mid-range, inside and occasionally from downtown on his way to 27 meaningful points and a 2-1 series lead over San Antonio in the then best-of-five first round of the playoffs. The Warriors went on to clean up the Spurs in four but unfortunately ran into a red hot (and NBA Finals-bound) Los Angeles Lakers in the Conference Semis.

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Peep the box score below, this is definitely a worthy addition to the History file here at the Buzz.

Box score


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