Help Hendo Help Helping Hoops!

Helping Hoops

Yes, there is a lot of HELP in that title but that’s exactly what we need more of at the upcoming Helping Hoops 24 Hour Shootout on June 29 & 30.

Volunteer shooters from far and wide will be spending 15 minutes of their weekend shooting free throws to raise money for Helping Hoops. Last year saw over 4,500 free throws made over the 24 hour period and over $5,500 raised. Can you help exceed both those figures this year?

Helping Hoops

I’ll be participating this time around also and I am urging you to help out by making a small donation to the cause. I would love to get at least $700 raised and I’m hoping you and the Internet can help.

Please click the link below and donate whatever you can, I’d really appreciate it.

Free Throw Paul for Helping Hoops!

Or get your friends, family, work colleagues etc. together and register to participate here! Go on, it’s a great cause and will be loads of fun.

Thanks heaps.


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